Heal It Yourself

Healing power is in the details. Our medicine is not just the food we eat, what we drink, what we think, what we see, what we do. It is every aspect of our life. The million tiny decisions we make in a day. There is great power in tiny, specific changes. Not everything can be healed with small adjustments, but it is amazing to me how many common ailments can be soothed at home to prevent a flare up. 

I know that working with a new practitioner is a big and scary step. This library of resources is a first step to wellness and a first step to seeing if my practice may be helpful for your specific ailment.

This is an ongoing project so forgive the limited resources. I am in the process of creating a library of the top 3 to 4 things everyone can do at home to improve or begin healing numerous ailments. These are the things I see most often in my practice that have tiny cures or a simple place to start. These are the things I wish people would try before they seek the advice of a professional. 

These improvements should not take a lot of time, they should start to benefit your life within hours. So take 3-5 days and try these tricks and see if there is improvement. Some improvements will be substantial or even fully healing, others will help quiet things and prepare you for the next flare up. Others won’t adjust the pain at all, but will help clarify it is time to find the right practitioner to help you heal. 

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