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Women's Health Is Just Different

A woman’s work is never done.

She is caregiver, wife, mother, partner, co-worker, cook, housecleaner, schedule-juggler, lover, nurse, accountant and so much more. At the end of the day a woman often forgets about her own needs and her own health. Window of Heaven Acupuncture & Yoga is the nurturing home that every woman needs. The practice is based around mothers–whether kids are full grown, in the womb or a future plan. Window of Heaven Acupuncture & Yoga understands that if the mother is nourished and strengthened the family can flourish. Make time for yourself so you can sustainably support your family.

What You Can Expect to Achieve

Take control of the menstrual cycle

Calm hot flashes or spontaneous sweating

Boost libido

Regulate temperature

Increase energy and stamina

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Frequently Asked Questions

A woman in pajamas meditates with the sun shining
Menstrual issues, peri-menopause symptoms, digestive concerns, sleep-issues related to the cycle, temperature regulation, pelvic floor strength, low libido, low energy, mood swings, emotional imbalances, severe anxiety or depression, excessive stress or overwhelm, postpartum depression, phobias, weight regulation.
Yes, come in and let's discuss your specific circumstance. But I treat lots of women on hormonal birth control.
I'm not an auto-immune disorder specialist. I treat a lot of the symptoms associated with auto-immune disorders but do not utilize that diagnosis or language. I treat chronic, complicated pain patterns but see it as a muscle issue, not an auto-immune issue. There are lots of good auto-immune specialists in the Pioneer Valley. I may not be the best fit.
I work with women to naturally regulate the periods in the beginning of a fertility process. That process can take about three to four months. If you are seeking more interventions or have already started your fertility journey there are wonderful practitioners in the Valley. Kindreth at Integrity Women's Health is wonderful!!!
My work as an herbalist sets me apart from other local practitioners. I use herbs in an immediate results-oriented way. If you are not seeing results from herbs or supplements in two to three days it isn't right for you. I treat women frequently in the beginning and do a lot of education around quantity of necessary rest and sleep as well as diet suggestions.
Getting the period back is a tricky endeavor. The more recent your last period, the faster we can get it back. If it has been a way for a year or more, this is a substantial process. Not an impossible one. I work without hormones and encourage women to chart their basal body temperatures to know more about what is actually happening with the cycle. This is a complicated process and one that requires a substantial examination and organization of sleep patterns to actually regulate the cycle.
Yes. Absolutely. If you said you turned green on day 27, I would say it was cycle related. The tricky part is if you keep treating that symptom as digestive or sleep or emotional, instead of treating it as menstrual, it won't get better. You are not crazy. There are zillions of symptoms that happen at very regular points in the cycle, even if they are not right before you bleed. They can be on day 5, right before ovulation, right after ovulation or as soon as the bleeding arrives. Those are all other markers of big changes in the body and things can happen cyclically at those times of change.

What My Women's Health Patients Are Saying

One of the most surprising and profound shifts was how Courtney so drastically changed my thermal experience of the world. I’ve got a bit of FIRE in me, and prior to working with Courtney, I had a small range of temperatures—warm, hot, and sweltering. I had become accustomed to being uncomfortably warm for most of my adult life, feeling strange that you could see the heat coming from my hands even on cold winter mornings, being the ONE person who would quietly suffer while everyone else agrees through shivers to turn the heat up, knowing that if the temperature in the room was comfortable for me everyone around me would need to keep their coats on. I had NO idea that this was something that could change.
Agawam, MA

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Your life is complicated. Your health doesn’t need to be.

A women’s body is influenced by emotions, the menstrual cycle, the immune system, the nervous system, her life’s trauma experience, her partner’s support, her friend’s stress, her children’s worries, her life’s work and her connection to spirit. To look at her esophagus or her uterus alone is to miss the whole spectacular dance. Come be a whole person with a whole health history. You are your own personal health expert. I’m here to listen to the connections that feel important to you, the patterns you see and the worries you hold.