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Redefining Head Trauma

If you still have symptoms, you still have options.

What if every single time we fell to the ground, stopped short, slammed on the breaks, bumped our head or got jostled we started thinking of the impact of the brain hitting the skull and called it head trauma.

The medical definition of a concussion is slowly starting to include any substantial impact on the brain, but some medical practitioners still use the ancient diagnostic patterns that one can only get a concussion if you hit your head with enough force.

In fact all whiplash is a head trauma. If the seatbelt snaps you back against the seat in a car accident that is head trauma. If you fall from standing and hit your shoulder and hip that is head trauma.

It is all head trauma and requires rest, recovery and a complicated healing process of the brain and nervous system.

My treatment strategy for head trauma is best done immediately, but is still incredibly effective years and even multiple decades later. I’ve treated migraines from car accidents that happened twenty years ago. I’ve treated migraines and recurring headaches from a lifetime of concussions.

Lifelong athletes, survivors of multiple motor vehicle accidents, post-brain surgery, slips on ice and tumbles down the stairs. Whether it is brain fog, difficulty focusing, short term memory loss, word recall issues, low energy, sinus pressure, inability to bend over, inability to lay on one’s back. These are all unresolved concussion symptoms.

There is very little in Western Medicine that can be done for any concussion or mild head trauma. But with herbs and acupuncture you can finally resolve the symptoms and halve or even quarter your healing time.

I’ve found that most people using traditional western medicine approaches after car accidents or major injuries don’t ever fully recover. Even at the one, two or three year mark they are not the same.

What if instead you could be better in two to four months after even major head trauma and even faster for minor head trauma. What if you could think like you used to by the next major holiday or the next season? 

What You Can Expect to Achieve

Decrease brain fog

End all headaches and pressure

Decrease PTSD symptoms associated with injury

Regain mental stamina & boost physical energy

Regain balance and body awareness

A man stands at the scene of a car accident and speaks on his cell phone

Frequently Asked Questions

A man stands at the scene of a car accident and speaks on his cell phone
It is almost impossible not to have head trauma of some level in even a tiny fender bender. If there was a significant accident, there was most likely head trauma.
The diagnosis of concussion can be helpful for some people so they understand the severity of the issue, but it doesn't reveal how serious other head injuries are. You can still have symptoms without the diagnosis of a concussion and there are lots of ways to treat those symptoms.
It is almost impossible for humans to not have head trauma. Even when learning to walk as babies we fall over and over and over and hit our heads. Sometimes if our skull hits in just the right way it can have lasting effects. The questions I always pose to patients who think they don't have a history of head trauma but have those kinds of headaches are: have you ever slipped on ice, been in a car accident, been in a skiing accident, had a headball in soccer, bumped heads with someone, come up hard while under a table or cupboard door, fallen off a horse, had a bike accident, played competitive sports, tripped and fallen to your knees, and so on.
In my clinical experience people show improvement in the first few treatments, usually reporting substantial improvement after the first appointment. If we don't see any improvement in the first few treatments than maybe that assessment is true. But I have yet to work with anyone with head trauma who has not seen drastic improvements. The brain wants to cleanse and heal itself. There is usually work to do.
Creating a treatment plan for patients with significant memory issues can be very tricky. If you have someone who can help oversee the early parts of your treatment that can help. That will help you remember to take herbs as prescribed and follow lifestyle suggestions until the memory starts returning. There is a lot of external work that requires patient follow through. That can be setting phone reminders, leaving notes or asking for a friend to supervise your healing until you feel more independent.
Possibly. Possibly not. Head injuries are cumulative. I've worked with some patients after teeny tiny injuries but when we do the health history we find that six months ago there was a major head trauma that didn't cause any symptoms at all. Second concussion syndrome can sometimes be more dangerous than the initial injury. So don't judge the injury, monitor the whole head trauma history.
My approach to head trauma is drastically different than other practitioners. My patients have spectacular and complete recoveries, usually after striking out with one or several other specialists. The use of herbal medicine and specific needling strategies lead to very fast, effective results. If you are still having symptoms, the issue is still there. Come in and chat and learn more about my approach.

What My Head Trauma Patients Are Saying

Two years ago, I tumbled down 16 stairs into my trap door basement. Two years later, after visits to several specialists, I sat in a neurologist’s office asking when my headaches, my “brain fog”, my low energy, my lack of concentration, my confusion would finally go away. The doctor told me I probably wouldn’t ever feel any better than I did at that moment, that I should be grateful because many people die from the type of fall I had experienced. Three weeks later, I had my first acupuncture treatment with Courtney. After 10 weeks my post concussion symptoms have dissipated. During pre-needling interview with questions about my health, my days have gone from 3-4 on my rating scale to mostly 8-9 and Courtney assures me I’ll have weeks of 10’s before we complete treatment. Today, I have an appetite for three good meals a day, a restful 8-9 hours of sleep, a clear mind and improved energy. Courtney even thinks I am an inch or more taller. For me, the best part of treatment is the conversations about my symptoms/health and the friendly conversation while she is treating me. My friends have noticed my increased energy and some have commented on my voice becoming fuller and happier.
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Recovering from head trauma is lonely. One becomes trapped in their own dysfunctional brain. It is hard to ask for help because it is hard to remember that you even need it. It is hard to recognize you have a problem because you can’t even think clearly enough to make that judgement. Also Western physicians often tell patients it will take years to recover and that is normal. So patients don’t expect much for long periods of time. Believe me, you can expect more of your body. It wants to heal and get back to life. It wants to move again and sleep again and remember things. It wants to be challenged again. All you have to do is reach out and take one step and ask for help. I can help hold you accountable for the rest. Help is out there.