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What could you achieve with a healthy body?

I believe all people are capable of unimaginable feats when they are healthy, strong and honoring their own needs. My practice is a balance of empowerment and health education. Come learn practical techniques and strategies to listen to your body, honor your instincts and find true physical comfort. Your perfect health is out there waiting for you.

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About Me

You deserve the time for healing and you deserve a practitioner who will listen, hold space and honor your individual path to health.

I’m an educator first and foremost. I’ve been teaching yoga for 13 years and I believe that it is better to teach a person how to maintain their own health rather than requiring regular maintenance from a wellness practitioner. Most of my patients work with me for three to four months and then are fully healed. The work is transformative, fast, intensive and complete. I encourage my patients to work with me when they have a stillpoint in their life: limited travel, flexibility around diet, bedtime, rest and external responsibilities.

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Some unique aspects of my treatment strategy:

  • Results are obvious in the first few treatments
  • Patient is responsible for 50% of the treatment plan with diet, exercise, rest
  • Patient is educated and aware of what is causing this issue and is trained how to prevent it in future
  • All work includes recovery from injury, supervision and support while returning to normal exercise routine and a full rehabilitation until living a normal life

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After years of working with patients I have discovered that rapport is the #1 healing agent in a therapeutic relationship. Without it a person will either take twice as long to recover or not improve. I start every potential patient with a free hour long consult. Before every consult the patient fills out extensive health history paperwork and we fully review the complete medical history. This allows for a consensual, agreed upon treatment plan, including budget for time and cost of treatment and awareness of all necessary lifestyle changes. The patient knows everything upfront before any money exchange or needling. 


As a generalist, I am very willing to discuss whatever ails you at the moment, but these are the ailments that I have years of experience treating.

Women's Health

The menstrual cycle and the capacity to give birth bring a whole complexity to women’s health. It is important to work with a practitioner who deeply understands what makes women’s body’s unique.

A woman holds her wrist as if in pain
Body Pain

Imagine a life of smooth movements, strength of muscles and vitality within the joints. Regardless of your diagnosis or whatever treatments have failed in the past, come discuss if acupuncture could bring more comfort to your chronic or acute pain.

A woman in pajamas stretches in front of a large window while the sun rises
Insomnia & Night Terrors

Insomnia is a complex issue that affects every system, muscle, joint and process in the body. There is a ton of conflicting or unhelpful sleep research and practices out there. Imagine a completely custom approach to sleep based on your specific body’s needs.

a woman stands on a modern glass scale barefoot
Weight Loss

Imagine a faster, more effective weight loss strategy that gave you immediate, healthy results without costing you tons of money or weakening your overall health.

A mother holds her young child in the air in a field, smiling
Postpartum Support

There is no single moment in a woman’s life that so affects the rest of her life’s health. Giving birth and the weeks, months and years of raising a child through the early years is dramatically and irreversibly challenging for the body without specific and deliberate support.

A young woman holds her forehead as if in pain
Head Trauma

Some concussions heal themselves. Some head trauma is no big deal. Most of it is life-altering. Western Medicine has so little to offer when recovering from a major car accident or fall. Chinese Medicine has lots of strategies to help you return to a more ordinary life.

a hiker stands in front of a misty mountain wistfully

Frequently Asked Questions

Every acupuncturist has a very different approach to every physical condition. I like my patients to know how I will approach their issue. How much it will cost. How long it will take and what they will need to be working on at home in addition to the acupuncture sessions. If the rapport, price, timing or approach isn’t right they get to make that decision from the very beginning.

a hiker stands in front of a misty mountain wistfully

I’m a generalist with a few important specialties. Mostly I love the complex, wild card cases. The weirder and more complex the better. If you have been unsuccessful with numerous practitioners I encourage you to give me a try. I have more time available to dive into each case and look for patterns others may have missed.

I’ve been a women’s health practitioner for years with the very important specialty of postnatal care. My practice is first and foremost designed to treat exhausted, depleted mothers of any age. Postpartum care lasts as long as a woman is a mother. Sometimes even peri-menopause or post-menopause care is about issues from giving birth.

But in the last few years I have accepted more and more men into my practice. I work with people who are hungry for dramatic change in their lives. People who believe in personal responsibility and ongoing self-care. If you are a pill popper and want someone to magically make things better, I’m probably not your practitioner. But if you want to be involved, fully understand your diagnosis and be the intentional advocate and expert in your ongoing health than we will work well together.

My other specialties include: post concussion syndrome, migraines, acute/chronic pain, severe and mild insomnia, menstrual issues, vertigo and digestive disorders.

I see one patient at a time and do a large amount of education in the early appointments. Often early appointments range from 75 minutes to 2 hours, with multiple long appointments only days apart in the beginning. Maintenance appointments range from 60-75 minutes.

I am available every moment of the appointment to answer questions, dive deep into a specific concept that is confusing you or spend an entire session troubleshooting and brainstorming if we hit a plateau. Every appointment I am here 100% to improve your health. I’m not someone who puts needles in and then moves on to the next patient. If we need to spend the entire session on the yoga mat or reviewing diet I have the time and availability and know that educating you leads to a lifetime of your self-care.

Patients are encouraged to always dress in loose, comfortable clothes that are comfortable for yoga. I never know when we are going to do acupuncture or a combination of yoga and acupuncture. I keep my office quite warm so dressing in layers can be helpful if you overheat easily.

It is important to think of the work I do as a mini retreat. A once in a lifetime reboot. There will be life before you took control of your health and after an entirely a different life. I’m not interested in getting you to a point where you can function. If that is your goal, I will probably not accept you into my practice. I aim to dramatically transport your current health to a place it has never been before. What would you be capable of completing with vibrant, sustainable health? How much is ease, energy and clarity of mind worth to you? Are you ready to work hard to reach it?

I’m not the least expensive practitioner out there, in fact my prices are some of the highest in the area. If you are looking for the most inexpensive rates or something covered by insurance I am not your practitioner. But my rates are such that you will most likely end up saving money in the long run because the recovery is so fast and so complete. I take people to 100% health in a very short amount of time. My transformative process starts with bursts of frequent appointments at the beginning so that you don’t feel confused about progress and direction. You will understand every step of the process, why we are doing it and how long it will take to get to the next stage.

The work I do doesn’t interface with insurance so I do not accept it. However I do accept credit cards from flex spending accounts or health savings accounts. As well as cash, check, and all credit cards.

I am comfortable working with patients who self-bill insurance, especially after car accidents. Most post-car accident auto insurance is 100% coverage for the entire course of the treatment. If you do all the direct communication and paperwork, I will provide receipts and treatment notes. Post car accident recovery with acupuncture and herbs can halve or quarter the length of recovery. Remember that any abrupt stop, whether there is collision of the head or not is a concussion and whiplash. That combo can lead to a lifetime of chronic pain if left untreated.

Just like electricity, gravity, or computer programming you don’t have to understand it for it to work. A lot of my patients are extremely doubtful until they get off the treatment table for the first time. If acupuncture is correctly diagnosed and treated the results are overtly and undeniably obvious and immediate. Lots of my patients start out afraid of being tricked by the placebo of acupuncture. It is like doubting the picture taken during an x-ray is actually the inside of your body. There are decades worth of science proving it does. You can just give in and monitor your individual progress.

My approach to acupuncture is the through the lens of an advanced level yoga teacher. I have more anatomy awareness and embodiment than most acupuncturists. I’m also a highly successful and knowledgeable herbalist and utilize herbs in 90% of my practice. Sometimes acupuncture alone won’t work.

You should try my strategy if any of the following applies to your past experience:

  • you only went a handful of times
  • you didn’t use herbs
  • you were not given lifestyle, movement or dietary suggestions for your health concern
  • you didn’t understand how you were being treated

Why Acupuncture and Yoga Together?

My goal for every patient is not only to completely heal the main complaint but to educate the patient on how to keep that ailment from ever returning again. One can do that with diet, with lifestyle habits and for pain issues–one can do that with yoga. Almost all of my patients will spend some time on the mat during a course of treatment. It means my results are often twice or three times as fast as other providers and patients feel in control of recovery and ongoing maintenance.


First and foremost I am an educator. If you like my voice, my perspective then we will probably work well together in person. This is another way to get to know me and my philosophy.

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a woman on a beach holds her hands together in a peaceful praying gesture

What My Clients Are Saying

a woman on a beach holds her hands together in a peaceful praying gesture
There is nothing worse than being in pain. But there is nothing better than knowing you are in good hands with an expert who is also a compassionate and caring person. Thank you so much for basically saving me last week! I’ll be forever grateful!
Michelle Lyman
Serenity Yoga
In short, Courtney can pretty much treat everything and anything, even stuff you might not consider “treatable.” Thank you, Courtney.
Terra M.
Agawam, MA

Questions about working together?

This website is designed to help give you a sense of who I am and how I approach medicine, healing and recovery of illness. If you have other questions feel free to email, call or schedule a free hour consult to discuss what treating your specific health may entail. Whatever your path I wish you wellness, comfort, and peace of mind.