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The way weight loss is handled in this country is misguided, unhealthy and confusing. I’m here to break that cycle. As a Chinese Medicine professional I can tell you that most weight loss systems will lead to lifelong health concerns that will eventually make you gain unnecessary weight again. What if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that the places you were putting your effort and focus would make day to day changes to your weight and build. What if you could feel on a day to day basis that your mood was brightening, muscles were strengthening and your body felt more limber and comfortable. Wouldn’t that give you the motivation you needed to continue the effort. That is how I envision and honor the weight loss journey. Don’t just change your diet, change your health. 

What You Can Expect to Achieve

Fast, consistent results

Improve immune system and gut

Eat satisfying diet

Feel confident about weight loss path

A colorful assortment of health proteins, oils, and vegetables

Frequently Asked Questions

A colorful assortment of health proteins, oils, and vegetables
Actually I encourage most patients to eat animal proteins and have a higher fat diet than is typically suggested in Western Nutrition. Decreasing gluten in the diet, unless it is necessary for an allergy or intolerance, usually leads to the likelihood of future weight gain and uncontrollable cravings. I suggest monitoring quantity of food and limiting empty calorie foods that don't actually produce energy.
I find that most people who say they don't have will power are actually unmotivated because of exhaustion and confusion around direction. It is more stuckness than lack of motivation. People who start to see quick change are motivated to continue and people who understand the focus are usually very excited by the process. The presence of will power is actually a direct link to the strength of your metabolism. Increase one and you automatically increase the other.
I started a weight loss journey for myself after a long period of intense stress and I used it as a health experiment for future patient work. I gave myself full permission to try numerous strategies and really on a day by day basis see what worked and what didn't. The results astounded me. Most of what is published about weight loss out there actually made me gain weight. But really listening to the things that showed weight loss in a 24 hour block of time helped me create very unusual but deeply nourishing habits that improve quality of life, make dieting more delicious and satisfying, and make weight loss easy and simple.
My weight loss plan is health, lifestyle and diet based. It actually involves very little exercise. I encourage most patients to stop regular workout routines as they are actually creating more stress in the nervous system and therefore slowing down the metabolism. My main solution for weight loss is actually rest and lowering stress levels.
A lot of exercise and diet strategies actually create distance and disconnect us from our bodies. My strategy for weight loss is about honoring what actually works for each person. What foods give you energy, what exercises lead to weight loss, what foods stabilize sleep patterns. Those answers are entirely unique for each person. By coming fully back to the body there is the possibility for a much higher level of emotional healing. This is the most profound level of self-compassion and gentleness. It is actually a very healing and nourishing process, not a disconnect.
Many of my patients attempt to combine techniques of other weight loss strategies with my program. It usually slows down the progress. I invite you to come in and do a free hour long consult and see if my results could potentially be faster than the course you are currently exploring.
Whether it is diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, medication induced weight gain, inability to exercise due to pain or any other health related issue creating weight gain; acupuncture creates homeostasis in the body. It regulates and stabilizes metabolism and sleep. In doing this is helps control the side effects of increased weight gain.

What My Clients Are Saying

Courtney is a magical healer and pain management yoga instructor. Her combined bedside manner, expertise and knowledge, and effective results make her one of the best and most pleasant healers I've worked with. She provides realistic solutions and exercises that are both doable and effective. During the instruction I've been blown away by her medical and technical understanding of the body combined with her calm, understanding, judgment-free approach that makes it so pleasant to work with her. I cannot recommend her enough.
New York, NY

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After years of working with patients I have discovered that body image is always in the top three health concerns for people. It shadows how people eat, work, exercise, and seek out joy in their life. When weight loss can be addressed plainly, honestly and mathematically it gives people power. When weight loss can be about simplifying one’s life rather than complicating it, it energizes an exhausted and depleted soul. There are simple answers and I’m interested in sharing them to help you love your weight loss journey.