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Sleep Matters

Everything in life and health revolves around sleep.

A lot of people wonder if acupuncture can help insomnia. I treat a lot of ailments in my practice, but there is none that I take as seriously as sleep. No healing can occur without an improvement in sleep. Until I found acupuncture I was convinced I would be a lifelong insomniac, but now I sleep 8-10 glorious hours a night.

Everyone’s sleep issue is unique and requires its own detective work, but there are certain tricks that will help even the worst of insomniacs. Whether it is light, easily disturbed sleep, or horrific nightmares; a combination of acupuncture and herbs can drastically change the way you feel every morning when you first awaken.

People who have slept well their entire lives can’t even imagine the horror of a bout of insomnia let alone what life is like as an insomniac. I bring to my practice not only a thorough understanding of a wide personal range of sleep issues, but the ability to empathize with the worst nightmares, the longest nights and the scariest places that sleeplessness can bring us.

You don’t have to suffer any longer. Deep, restful, restorative sleep is possible for everyone. Schedule a free consult today to discuss your specific sleep issue.

What You Can Expect to Achieve

Falling asleep faster

Waking easier

A regular sleep schedule

More energy all day

Emotional stability

An exhausted looking woman in pajamas sits up in bed

Frequently Asked Questions

An exhausted looking woman in pajamas sits up in bed
I define insomnia as any of the following: 1) the need for more than 10 hours of sleep a night 2) waking for spells longer than 15 minutes during the night 3) waking to urinate more than once a night 4) difficulty falling asleep in less than 30 minutes at bedtime 5) inability to sleep all the way to your alarm in the morning 6) trouble sleeping in on weekends when the body is overtired
I treat insomnia on a case by case basis with acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, yoga postures, breathing techniques, sleep etiquette training, lifestyle changes, diet changes and some nutritional supplements. Every case is unique and needs a different course of treatment.
Most insomnia is. That doesn't mean it can't be treated through the physical body. If there are unresolved emotional or social issues than seeing an amazing mental health therapist is crucial. But treating the physical body helps quiet the emotions and lower stress. It is another route to treat insomnia.
No. Peri-menopausal or menopause related insomnia is a larger portion of the sleep issues I treat. It is not only important to treat sleep during the process of menopause, it is imperative to your overall health that you correct sleep issues before they start weakening other systems in the body.
I work with a lot of families to help young children correct complicated sleep patterns. I help parents sleep train infants and toddlers. Sleep is not intuitive to most parents and I find a lot of the time what parents and families think they should be doing to help the issue is actually causing some of the problems. Sleep is very easy to fix in children and once it is stable, it will stay that way for life.
I work with a lot of lifelong insomniacs and a lot of people with childhood trauma around the sleep cycle. The sleep work I do is very different than other techniques out there. I'm addressing the physical body, the nervous system, daily habits and how people perceive sleep. It is a total sleep makeover and the results are drastically different than a pill or a nightly meditation.

My approach to acupuncture is the through the lens of an advanced level yoga teacher. I have more anatomy awareness and embodiment than most acupuncturists. I’m also a highly successful and knowledgeable herbalist and utilize herbs in 90% of my practice. Sometimes acupuncture alone won’t work.

You should try my strategy if any of the following applies to your past experience:

  • you only went a handful of times
  • you didn’t use herbs
  • you were not given lifestyle, movement or dietary suggestions for your health concern
  • you didn’t understand how you were being treated
  • the practitioner you were working with could not specifically explain their theory on sleep or their personal expereince with treating insomnia in complicated lifelong insomniac patients

What My Sleep Patients Are Saying

Courtney is thorough and targeted, yet her approach is to help improve overall health, including, in my case, addressing my immediate allergy symptoms. Although I came to see her for women’s health issues and sleep disruptions, she helped me see the connections between insomnia and lifelong allergies.
South Amherst, MA

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There is nothing more important than sleep.

Everything you are not doing in life. Every disorganization, mistake, forgetful moment, mix up or blunder is because you are not sleeping well. If you are reading the fine print on this page it is most likely because all of this resonates with you and you are fed up with being awake while the rest of the world sleeps. Even if you have already tried everything, there is still hope. Most of my patients have already tried everything. They already know everything about sleep etiquette and decreasing screen time and avoiding caffeine. My patients are nightowls, trauma survivors, and their entire personality is determined by their inability to sleep. I’m not promising a quick fix. I’m offering the last fix. The life change that redefines your entire health. I’m offering restful, quiet, peaceful and thoroughly deep sleep on a regular basis.