As of 6/18/2020 Window of Heaven Acupuncture & Yoga, Inc. is getting very close to re-opening. For procedural information about what appointments will look like click here

WoH Acupuncture in the Time of COVID

These are trying times but there are ways to be cautious and educated while returning to a semi-normally life. There can be acupuncture support during COVID-19. I worked very hard in this time away to create an in-office environment that is as safe and comfortable as possible for my patients in these complicated times.

Changes To Appointments

  • Consult portion of the appointment will happen in your car over the phone
  • Appointment spacing so that office can be properly sanitized
  • Removal of all room decorations, wallhangings, blankets, props, heating pad that cannot be sanitized
  • Exclusive credit card payment without swiping or signature required
  • Entrance into the treatment room exclusively. Old consult room will be a decontamination room.
  • Emailed intake form and encouraged personal temperature check before 8am day of appointment
  • Touchless temperature check in person at appointment
  • I will be wearing office-only clothing that will go through the same sanitizing process as the linens
  • Patient masks will be required and I will be changing masks between patients
  • For the time being there will be no in-person yoga portion of an appointment

Things That Won’t Change

  • I won’t be wearing gloves. Though I will be washing and hand sanitizing immediately before and after touching a patient or their clothing/belongings. Chinese Medicine requires direct touch to read the pulse, palpate the abdomen and feel for temperature variations on the skin. Even though you may not be touching anyone else in your life right now, in acupuncture appointments there will be the same level of touch in preparation for needle insertion, pulse reading and during diagnostic techniques.

New Patients

Upon opening I will prioritize my ongoing patients for the first 2-4 weeks. I am still contemplating how to manage my usual consult process with potential new patients. I will most likely be accepting limited new patients on a case by case basis and they will be virtual initial consults. Please contact me directly to inquire about current status and next available appointment times. Thank you for your patience.