Inspiration from Birds Post #3: Pelicans and Effortless Ease

15557377_sThis morning I woke up on this beautiful Sunday morning with a thousand things to do and a scattered, crazed mind. So much for my restful weekend to help revive me from my travels last weekend. I’ve been so busy wanting to write this third bird post and get my spring newsletter out that I haven’t really taken a minute to think about what this post is supposed to be about. The message of the Pelican.

So allow me to step back out of my squirrely mind and see if in the midst of my busy morning I can utilize the effortless ease of the Pelican.

Deep breath and descent.

Instead of flying high and rapidly flapping my wings I am imagining myself in flight inches above the water with only the occasional flutter of easy wings to keep me afloat. I imagine the delicate sea spray beneath me and the wind hovering just above me. I fly steady in this quiet, still space that is barely water and barely air.

Pelicans know how to do life. They are highly successful fishers, good swimmers, easy in flight and seem to struggle far less than the other scavenger sea birds.

There is an efficiency to pelicans that I long to embody. They are on guard creatures; always ready to respond while looking peaceful and oblivious.

The universe works best for those creatures (animal or human) who know exactly what they want and have their eyes open for any opportunity presented to them. I love the way the pelicans are just going about their business and they seem to occasionally trip over fish.

It is my experience that this type of effortless awareness is how successful people manage life. All this striving and hurrying only muddles the gentle flow of the universe.

As you enter into this next week take a little of the pelican with you. Follow the paths and activities that come easy and work well. If something requires fight, redirect to find another way. If something comes naturally and feels comfortable, stay your course. Know what you want and keep your eyes open for the exact moment the universe offers it up. Be ready to respond in a flash.


Image credit: mishella / 123RF Stock Photo

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