Spontaneity (and Surprise Snow)

Spontaneity (and Surprise Snow)
When I was in school I used to watch the weather daily through the winter to know which side of the state I needed to be on in order to get to school in Boston or teach a yoga class in Northampton. Nowadays there is nothing more pleasant than waking to a surprise morning of snow.My new life allows for slow mornings and car-less days. Even though I have lots to do this morning the idea of walking my husband to the bus in the snow sounded like the best use of my time. It was spontaneous and helped me appreciate the beauty of the snow, rather than the just the chill of the storm.I am a person that plans everything. If you ever travel with me you will no doubt have to endure a moment by moment schedule that actually budgets in time to rest and recover. I am not very spontaneous.

But if I am really honest the best way to prove my health and to boost my health is by doing something unexpected.

Today amidst our New England winter wonderland I invite you to do something spontaneous. It could be as small as drinking hot chocolate instead of another cup of coffee or as simple as walking in the snow on your lunch break. But take advantage of this rather mystical day and do something that isn’t on your calendar just for the sake of spontaneity.

We forget what a gift spontaneity is. How stable and secure our lives must be to allow us to break routines and do something merely for pleasure’s sake. Seize an available moment and seek some childish delight. It will be worth it.

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