25 Things Not On Your New Year’s Resolution List (That Should Be)


  1. Eat more foods that make you swoony
  2. Set a timer when using facebook
  3. Stop taking the elevator (ever)
  4. Be more honest with your closest friends
  5. Line dry your laundry (even in the winter)
  6. Be responsible for some of the food you eat: garden, can, freeze, bake, get a CSA, and/or go to a farmer’s market
  7. Check email once (or twice) a day
  8. Learn how to make your favorite restaurant food at home (with better ingredients and for less money)
  9. Eat a lot more really tasty, healthy food whenever you are hungry
  10. Stop drinking soda
  11. Stop wearing uncomfortable clothes (or shoes)
  12. Have more fabulous sex
  13. Find more inventive ways of saying I love you
  14. Travel and explore places you’ve never been (near or far)
  15. Learn something new that makes you feel like a bumbling, stumbling idiot
  16. Save more money
  17. Stop living in pain
  18. Sit on the ground at least once a day
  19. Drink an appropriate amount of water, not too much, not too little
  20. Donate the things in your house you never use or don’t like
  21. Sleep 8 (or 9) hours a night
  22. Get in touch with an old friend
  23. Have more fun moving (dance classes, biking to work, nature walks, etc.)
  24. Write five goals for the year and stick it on your refrigerator door
  25. Drink more tea while sitting and being “unproductive”

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