Lightening The Load: Happy New Year 2013

6509778_sInstead of making a New Year’s Resolution this year I’ve decided to set an intention to make one change and let it reverberate through all the different areas of my life.

I want to lighten my load.

The physical sensation through much of December was that of being snowed under. There was too much to do, too much to feel, and not enough hours of the day to do it in. My life felt lumpy, overfull and heavy. So the last two weeks I’ve taken some time to ease out of the blogging/business world to rest up, lighten up and organize.

These are the strategies I’ve already utilized and they’ve left me feeling buoyant and energized.

Lightening My Appearance: After four grueling years of growing out my hair I decided on my birthday to chop it off. My personal haircutter, my wonderful husband, took 15 inches off this year and helped me package up the amazing tail of curls to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Lightening My Correspondence: For the first time since 2004 when I opened my gmail account I organized the 15,000 emails in my inbox. I also set up systems to help me organize all incoming emails so I don’t have to scan through the 100 emails I receive every day to find the one email that is incredibly important.

Lightening My Work Space: It wouldn’t look like it to someone who walked into our home today but I did in fact clean my desk. There is just a lot left to do as my business has been closed for more than a week and I’m trying to prepare tax materials so I can cleanly move on into 2013. But great progress has been made.

Lightening The To Do List: I am a To Do list maker. But I’m not a terribly good To Do list accomplisher. I all too often get sidetracked, change plans and redirect my energy. But this week I went to work on the things looming over my head and finished up some things that have been weighing on me. The end result is hitting the ground running this business year and feeling free of those burdens.

Lightening in 2013

The rest of the year I will employ these strategies, not resolutions, but strategies to make my life smoother, lighter and brighter. Stay tuned for details in future blog posts.

  • Cleaning
  • Clearing
  • Creating White Space and Floor Space
  • Lightening My Practice
  • Lightening My Wardrobe

This post (and my 2013 life plan) was inspired by this fabulous list of ways to simplify your life.

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