Saving The Garden From The Weeds

In the last two weeks I took about ten days off of gardening. The result was a garden full of 3-5 inch weeds so thick I can barely make out the plants. We are not really meticulous gardeners, or meticulous anything to be quite honest. So this forest of weeds is not unfamiliar. But the disgust that arose within me while weeding this last weekend was unfamiliar.

Maybe it is the combination of helping my parents’ clean out their basement two weekends ago, feeling a general sense of being overwhelmed right now and living in a unusually cluttery house. But this weedy garden suddenly seemed to be choking me.

One look at those poor struggling tomato and pepper plants was all it took to make me wonder what all of the mess and clutter inside my house and life is doing to me.

My new goal: weeding and deadheading my home, office, car and life.

What changes to your home life would allow you to stand a little taller and receive more sun and nutrients?  Take ten minutes today and make a list. You may find out the list is a lot shorter than you expected and everything can be accomplished with some mindful scheduling.

We are zooming through our embarrassingly short list and racking our brain for the other stressors we are certain are looming out there. We have yet to remember them.

Sometimes those little tasks are just big, mean weeds blocking the sun and your perspective of a stress-free life.

Image credit: krasnoyarsk / 123RF Stock Photo

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