Muscles: We Welcome You Back From The Deep Freeze

Something is happening. Can you feel it in your muscles. The last three days my body has enthusiastically desired exercise and movement and sunlight in a way it hasn’t in months. I can actually feel my muscles again, as if they’ve been frozen and they are officially thawed out. All winter I biked my way […]

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Outside The Comfort Zone

There are certain moments in every committed relationship were one partner does something completely for the other partner even though every ounce of their being wishes they didn’t have to. In my loving, wonderfully committed relationship I am required on occasion to go downhill skiing. Now there are lots of things I don’t do for

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Discipline: Practice Lesson #1

Merriam Webster defines “discipline” in the following variety of ways: punishment, instruction, a field of study, training that corrects moral character, control gained by enforcing obedience or order, orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior, self-control. All that exhausts me. Let’s talk about the difference between practice and discipline. Maybe there isn’t one in

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