Welcome Spring!

This morning while I was writing I heard the familiar sound of geese honking and turned to look out the south-facing window to see hundreds of Canadian geese in route northward. Even on this frosty, but sunny March morning there is something so heart-warming about seeing the certainty of nature repeating itself. The geese have come back. Spring is coming.

This time of year a day like yesterday with the sky wide open and pouring is enough to send me back under the covers for a week. But I’m energized by the little signs of spring.

This time of year our weary, winter-heavy souls need to be on the look out for spring to help us make the transition. We need to not only see it happening, we need to hunt it out, encourage it and embody the new season to help us move forth from the winter.

Here are my favorite spring moments of the last week:

  • At the YMCA where I teach the memory garden has daffodils in bloom right now!
  • Walking across UMass campus and smelling with complete certainty the distinct spring-scent of sugaring.
  • Unzipping my coat in the car the other day and then rolling down the window because I was just too hot.
  • The enlivened smell outdoors and the way the angle of sunlight now looks like spring.
  • Noticing while walking that Main Street has been swept and is now more bike-friendly.
  • Little tiny baby grass sprouts in our garden patch.
  • And last but certainly not least, walking home from the office at 6:30 Monday night in significant daylight.

How do you know it is spring? What little delights have walked into your world this week?

Image credit: kslight / 123RF Stock Photo

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