Authentic Self Post #3: Why The World Needs Your Authentic Self

I was that girl at the sleepovers; the last asleep and first awake, hell-bent not to miss a second of revealed secrets or emotional sharing. Sometimes it felt like I waited all month long to get to the point with my friends when I could ask the real questions. I wanted to know these women: their emotions, their sexualities, their fantasies and their health. It always seemed that women were walking around wanting someone to ask them serious, personal questions so they could finally let down their guard and share why they were worried. My authentic self has always wanted to share emotional intimacy with people and understand people’s health.

I’ve had two jobs in my life that I was really bad at. One I couldn’t continue because they fired me (thank heavens), but the other I could have continued for 20 or 30 years. I loved my co-workers and the way I was benefiting my community. However, both jobs made me absolutely miserable and I was remarkably unqualified for both positions. The first job was glossy with a big paycheck and came six weeks after moving into another state. It impressed everyone, even me. The second job I took six weeks after being fired from the first. It was kind of like jumping into another relationship without processing the last one. I jumped for a paycheck and the ego boost.

We all have stories like this. Jobs we have had to pay the bills, cover extra Holiday expenses, in-between jobs while you job search and so many more jobs that were not exactly thought through before accepting.

What do these jobs all have in common? Your poor work ethic, low skill set, lack of interest or ability, lack of motivation to improve or advance, and daily aggravation.

Now think of the jobs and roles you have held in your life that occasionally made you shine. Every once in a while you would have a day when you would go home and brag about a one liner you used on a customer that made them feel understood and satisfied. Or a product you produced rather effortlessly that really impressed your co-workers. These jobs were so easy, so fun and the people you worked with became your friends. It was in these jobs that you tapped into your Authentic Self.

The Authentic Self is not a big mystery or an ever-changing puzzle. It is the recipe of a lifestyle that best complements your specific person. Your Authentic Self is comfortable admitting weaknesses and acknowledging personal strengths. Your Authentic Self has a specific skill set to offer and a way in which to prepare that skill set that is entirely unique. Your Authentic Self has a way of living within the world, interacting with people and staying healthy that is completely unique and innately perfect.

The world requires skilled workers. Society demands the tastiest breads, the finest wines, the smartest doctors, the most beautiful models, and the strongest dancers. It requires masterminds to invent the next big thing and to question the knowledge of our past. Within each sector there are a zillion practitioners offering something just slightly different, because there are a zillion consumers out there seeking unique services.

Think of the global personas that stand at the top of their field: Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Brad Pitt, Madonna, JK Rowling, Tiger Woods, and Oprah Winfrey to name a few. Without knowing these people personally we somehow know how obsessed they are with their work. We also know that their competitors are lacking something more than skill, they are lacking the innate passion that seems to radiate out of these people. So what are you good at? What skill set do you have that would put you on par with Tiger Woods in golf or Brad Pitt in acting? What service should you be offering the world because you are uniquely talented and qualified to offer it?

Can you imagine if JK Rowling had decided she should just give up her story because it wouldn’t interest anyone? Can you imagine if Mark Zuckerberg had finished Harvard and found a job at some local software design business? How different would our world be today?

The world needs your special skill, so what is it? Here are some resources and exercises to help you brainstorm the answer to that question.

Exercises to Try At Home

  1. Write your obituary
  2. Make a list of your top 100 fantasy job
  3. Describe your perfect office
  4. Make a fantasy weekly work schedule

Online Resources


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