Finding Your Purpose and Your Passion in Your Career (Guest Post)

Today’s guest writer Amanda Kingsley is a local birth advocate, doula, and birth photographer who recently jumped ship to a new career. Seeing her thriving in her new job I knew she had to write a guest post about the process and where she ended up. Here you have it.

I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life. Many of them have brought me a lot of joy and a lot of reward; all of them have molded me into the woman I am proud to be today. The business I started three months ago is the start of a lifelong career in changing lives. This work is about deepening the human experience and the global vision of health and wellness. In fact, it’s work that I can barely call work, because it is more of a lifestyle with benefits than a job.

We live in a time for money culture, and most of us are drowning in debt and fear and outright dread when Monday morning rolls around. I’d like to see that change. I’d like to see the global consciousness evolve to a place where we all live out our passions and our purpose, and are in turn rewarded financially for our contributions. I’d like to see the distribution of wealth spread into the hands of the people who support their communities, and fund causes that improve the quality of life for every living breathing thing on this planet. I believe that with conscious consideration each of us can have a career that fills both our soul and our pocketbook.

Who will do the “dirty work” you ask? My answer is that there is no “dirty work.” There are two reasons I believe this. The first reason is simple, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s not about what the work is; it’s about how we as a society compensate each other for the work. A school janitor can live a full and happy life just as easily as a stock trader. Ideally both can have everything they desire in life, if they are treated with respect by all of us. The second reason is that many jobs are not landing points, but stepping stones to a next destination. I do not believe I could be as fully embraced and rewarded in this new career if I had not spent years of my life in other jobs that made me who I am today. Among other things washing dishes, waiting tables, running a daycare, and owning a doula and photography business were all stepping stones to get me here. I have learned vital lessons from each of these experiences.

When my current profession was presented to me, I made a judgment. I thought to myself, “No way, not for me.” I almost closed the door without even peering through, but I took a risk and opened my eyes, my ears, and my heart to the opportunity. It was the best decision I have made in my life so far (yes I know marriage and kids are amazing, but this has been about personal growth). In three short months I have learned countless tools to shed fears, build confidence, dream big, and re-program my mind to better serve myself and the world. I look back and think to myself, “What if I had said no; where would I be today?” and “What if I had said yes and then sat patiently waiting for something to happen rather than embracing my decision and acting in a big, bold way?” I think I know the answers; one makes me shutter, one makes me sad.

If you care to take some advice from a mama entrepreneur, my suggestion is to never say no. From this day forward change all your nos to maybes. Live your life in the present moment. If you love your job, go ahead and love it more. If you aren’t so sure, try this: pretend you love it, fake it until you make it or until you know it’s not where you need to be. If you know you are in the wrong job, start peeking, put out your feelers and say yes to all of your opportunities until you find the one that feeds your soul. Remember that when we find work that feeds our soul, we live our life with a purpose that no one can take from us. It doesn’t mean there are never hard days; it means that the reward of rising above the hurdles is always worth it. Your career should enhance your personal life, and vice versa.

Let this be your day one. I challenge you to find a lifestyle with benefits, not a job with a paycheck.

Amanda Kingsley is a mama of three in the hills of Shelburne Falls. She has a passion for life and growth and adventure, and is not afraid of hard work or naysayers. She recently started her business working with an international medicinal mushroom company. Follow her business story at

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