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Savasana: A Guide To The Most Beloved Of Postures

Some yoga teachers worry about inversions, others worry about forward folds, I am obsessed with Savasana. Yes, you could do some serious damage in headstand and a forward fold with a herniated disk is terrible. These are plenty of things to worry about. As a teacher I’m trained to always be looking for the person …

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Her Majesty The Breathing Diaphragm

The four diaphragms of the body: arches of the feet, pelvic floor, breathing diaphragm and soft palate are key components to the Embodyoga system. They are seen as soft supports for the bones, muscles and organs that are piled up on top of them.  But Her Majesty The Breathing Diaphragm is far and away my favorite. It …

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The Power of Inversions: What We Gain From Turning It Upside Down

Monday when I walked into my intermediate class everyone was sprawled out on their mat about two minutes away from sleep. One sure sign we need to do inversions is seeing a room full of exhausted people. So I did an arm balance class. There is nothing that gets blood flowing to the brain faster …

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Seven Reasons Yoga Makes You Younger

There is one excuse that I find inexcusable and downright irritating. It is a sign of giving up, admitting defeat. “I guess I can’t do that anymore. I’m just too old.” It is my experience after working with a significant range of ages, that only the 40 and 50 year-olds would dare say something so …

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The Blessed Life

A friend of mine recently commented that I live a blessed life. My first response was jaw-dropping disbelief and then immediate defensiveness. Luckily my rapid second response was understanding. For the last five years my husband and I have married, studied our passions in grad school, lived in the town of our dreams, built an …

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Outside The Comfort Zone

There are certain moments in every committed relationship were one partner does something completely for the other partner even though every ounce of their being wishes they didn’t have to. In my loving, wonderfully committed relationship I am required on occasion to go downhill skiing. Now there are lots of things I don’t do for …

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