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Finding Your Purpose and Your Passion in Your Career (Guest Post)

Today’s guest writer Amanda Kingsley is a local birth advocate, doula, and birth photographer who recently jumped ship to a new career. Seeing her thriving in her new job I knew she had to write a guest post about the process and where she ended up. Here you have it. I’ve had a lot of …

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Unfulfilled Desires: Why They Just Won’t Go Away

The amazing feature of Chinese Medicine that continues to astound me is the focus on the spiritual. There is no “soul” or “spirit” in Western medicine. There is no association with specific emotions and specific ailments. But in Chinese Medicine an upstirring of a certain emotion is diagnostic of a pattern and warrants inquiry into …

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Last weekend I was invited back to my alma mater, Bennington College, to be part of an alumni panel on careers and grad school. Bennington is probably the only school in the universe that would invite a Writing/Literature/Dance Major who eventually became a Yoga Teacher/Acupuncturist/Herbalist back to speak. When I agreed to the event they …

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The Blessed Life

A friend of mine recently commented that I live a blessed life. My first response was jaw-dropping disbelief and then immediate defensiveness. Luckily my rapid second response was understanding. For the last five years my husband and I have married, studied our passions in grad school, lived in the town of our dreams, built an …

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