Overcome 5 Roadblocks To A Gratitude Practice

For a long time I’ve resisted the concept of gratitude. It is a buzz word in the mindfulness world and lots of people are doing gratitude meditations, radical acceptance workshops and all sorts of practices that encourage one to take notice of the blessings in their lives. For the last few years I’ve known that my …

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Frustration/Stress: Emotions Post #4

I feel moderately obligated to skip ahead and talk about fear with all this snow buzz, but as I’ve spent all week treating spiked levels of stress I must stay true to course. The most dangerous aspect of stress is thinking that it is inevitable. Don’t get me wrong there are going to be times …

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Sadness/Depression: Emotions Post #2

It is the perfect time of year to talk about depression. The days are still short and the wind chill is brutal. Life can look bleak even when the sun is shining in full force. Plus we are in Kidney time and so much of depression is Kidney oriented. In my experience the fine line …

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What Dreams May Come

For the last five years I have been getting regular acupuncture appointments and without question the biggest change in my health has been an end to a lifetime worth of vivid dreams. Unlike the more spiritual world of dream reading and journaling, Chinese Medicine believes that dreams are a sign of disease and seeks to …

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