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Nourish The Yin: Embrace The Feminine, The Stillness, The Quiet

  In Chinese Medicine there are four basic substances we attempt to balance: Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang. Qi and Blood are probably obvious, qi is the energetic material component of the body and blood represents all the blood and menstrual blood of the body. Yin and yang are lesser known substances though familiar concepts. …

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Unfulfilled Desires: Why They Just Won’t Go Away

The amazing feature of Chinese Medicine that continues to astound me is the focus on the spiritual. There is no “soul” or “spirit” in Western medicine. There is no association with specific emotions and specific ailments. But in Chinese Medicine an upstirring of a certain emotion is diagnostic of a pattern and warrants inquiry into …

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Anger/Irritability: Emotions Post #3

The age-old joke about women and their “time of the month” is an unfortunate reality for a lot of women. The most popular emotion that women report to me is irritability and it is usually 5-7 days before they start bleeding. It is a truth of life that our bodies are taxed the days leading …

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Female Intuition During the Cycle: G-Y-N Post #6

First of all, thank you for letting me come into your world for six weeks and talk about periods. I certainly enjoyed it and I hope you learned something. Today I want to talk about my theories about the emotional, psychological, and philosophical side of the cycle. What do the behavior changes throughout the month …

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PMS: G-Y-N Post #1

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome is just that, a syndrome. A compilation of ailments joined together because of similar circumstances. We all know the list: Headaches/Migraines Weight Gain/Fluid Retention/Bloating Emotional Disturbances/Irritability/Weepiness/Anger Low Back Ache Cramping Fatigue Insomnia Nightsweats What does it all mean and should we be having it at all? What is normal? Elimination: The body …

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