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The Blessed Life

A friend of mine recently commented that I live a blessed life. My first response was jaw-dropping disbelief and then immediate defensiveness. Luckily my rapid second response was understanding. For the last five years my husband and I have married, studied our passions in grad school, lived in the town of our dreams, built an …

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Sadness/Depression: Emotions Post #2

It is the perfect time of year to talk about depression. The days are still short and the wind chill is brutal. Life can look bleak even when the sun is shining in full force. Plus we are in Kidney time and so much of depression is Kidney oriented. In my experience the fine line …

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What Dreams May Come

For the last five years I have been getting regular acupuncture appointments and without question the biggest change in my health has been an end to a lifetime worth of vivid dreams. Unlike the more spiritual world of dream reading and journaling, Chinese Medicine believes that dreams are a sign of disease and seeks to …

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Worry: Emotions Post #1

In the Western world excessive worry is either overlooked or not talked about. But what if I told you that Chinese Medicine believes that excessive worry is a physical condition that spirals into more dangerous ailments. Would you be interested in cutting down on how many nights a week you spend walking around your house …

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25 Things Not On Your New Year’s Resolution List (That Should Be)

Eat more foods that make you swoony Set a timer when using facebook Stop taking the elevator (ever) Be more honest with your closest friends Line dry your laundry (even in the winter) Be responsible for some of the food you eat: garden, can, freeze, bake, get a CSA, and/or go to a farmer’s market …

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