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Saving The Garden From The Weeds

In the last two weeks I took about ten days off of gardening. The result was a garden full of 3-5 inch weeds so thick I can barely make out the plants. We are not really meticulous gardeners, or meticulous anything to be quite honest. So this forest of weeds is not unfamiliar. But the …

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15 Ways to Have More Fun This Summer

Eat Local And Eat In Abundance: Get a CSA or go to your local farmer’s market and see what is new every week. Get excited for something later in the summer and then enjoy it when it finally arrives. When something finally is harvested eat it until you are blue in the face while everything is …

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Inspiration from Birds Post #2: Diving Birds and Surrender

About six years ago I decided that surrender was my number one lesson to learn. Growing up I had been a fighter. Always pushing, fighting, struggling to get what I wanted and needed. After I fell in love a few times and made some significant friendships I realized that the best things in life usually …

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Growing up April 1st was all about April Fool’s Day. My mother succeeded almost every year in tricking my father with some devilish plot. It was their little ritual and even on the years she attempted and failed miserably it was fun to watch the process. Seven years ago, no I guess now it is eight, …

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The Secret Lives of House Plants

I’m certainly not a green thumb, but I am a plant person. In our very sunny apartment my houseplants are the happiest they have ever been. I have a continuously blooming African violet that astonishes me after years of being flowerless. I have a rapidly spindling ivy that is the first I’ve kept alive since …

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Outside The Comfort Zone

There are certain moments in every committed relationship were one partner does something completely for the other partner even though every ounce of their being wishes they didn’t have to. In my loving, wonderfully committed relationship I am required on occasion to go downhill skiing. Now there are lots of things I don’t do for …

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