Starting a business

Attracting Abundance: Window of Heaven Gets A New Office

In the fall of 2006 I started reading, studying and vaguely practicing the Law of Attraction and exploring the philosophic concepts of attracting Abundance. The Law of Attraction was quite easy to believe when I was on the brink of disaster and could see light spots amidst true darkness. Somehow I tapped into some universal

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Balance: Juggling Business, Life, and Sanity

Everyone knows the perks of owning your own business, but the downsides are less obvious. I love Window of Heaven Acupuncture & Yoga. It is the most exciting and wonderful job I could possibly imagine, but I think I need to remember it is a job from time to time. When I am passionate about something

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Yesterday was my first official day in my amazing space downtown. As I busied myself before my first appointment I remembered a thousand and one things that were crucial and needed immediate doing. This is how it always happens. That is, how I lose track of time and end up late. It was only while

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Conversation Officially Started

After three years of Acupuncture school and roughly 90,000 miles of driving the Mass Pike to class and home again I am in recovery, both intellectually and physically.  While I am, of course, grappling with the threat of pending student loans and the usual concerns about starting a new part of my business, I am

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