In order to protect patients and their families, Window of Heaven Acupuncture & Yoga, Inc. will be closed for in-person appointments until the COVID-19 pandemic threat has passed. Courtney is available for phone consults until reopening.


The Pursuit of Happiness

Last weekend I was invited back to my alma mater, Bennington College, to be part of an alumni panel on careers and grad school. Bennington is probably the only school in the universe that would invite a Writing/Literature/Dance Major who eventually became a Yoga Teacher/Acupuncturist/Herbalist back to speak. When I agreed to the event they …

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Change Your Life in 6-Minute Increments

I recently learned that lawyers bill their work in 6-minute increments. 1/10 of an hour. That means that they have to log everything that is accomplished in every 6- minute session. What have you accomplished in the last six minutes? The last 12 minutes? The last 18 minutes? Friends of ours recently renovated part of …

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Conversation Officially Started

After three years of Acupuncture school and roughly 90,000 miles of driving the Mass Pike to class and home again I am in recovery, both intellectually and physically.  While I am, of course, grappling with the threat of pending student loans and the usual concerns about starting a new part of my business, I am …

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